Training equipment

Authentic training is becoming more and more important in police training: Scenarios should be realistic and should be carried out with equipment which is true to the original as possible. Our training equipment is precisely tailored to these requirements, with the emphasis on quality and durability.

Full body protective training suit

This completely new full body protective training suit is based on the basic pattern of body protection equipment used in Germany. It therefore offers the possibility for extremely practical training.


  • Light front and back protectors (PE foam)
  • Adaptable light arm protectors
  • Protective pants protect private parts and thigh area
  • Light leg protection with soft cushioning and absorber skin, protects knees and lower leg including on the sides

Color-marking helmet, third generation

The Bonowi color-marking helmet offers protection for the user’s entire head. The plastic top with plenty of ventilation openings guarantees good ventilation.


The helmet is equipped with the new Spectra 290° thermal lens system which, with its large field of vision, always provides the user with a good overview of the scenario.

SV Armour Guard Full body protective suit

For impact protection, we use Suprotec foam and 2 mm PE (polyethylene) for extreme shock absorption, resulting in outstanding cushioning with the greatest possible freedom of movement.


Extra-long and firmly connected Velcro-type straps allow for variable size adjustment. The fine adjustment is achieved by the connection straps of the individual parts.

X-Trem Real training pad

The new impact protection training pad was specially designed for CAMLOCK training, slightly rounded in the new sandwich construction with integrated PC panel for the best possible shock absorption and energy distribution. The curved shape protects in particular against impacts in the edge areas.


Horizontally and vertically arranged handles make the pad variable for all training situations. The replaceable front can be changed easily and quickly and is available as a replacement accessory. As a result, the X-Trem Real impact protection pad is extremely hard-wearing and economical.

Escrima training baton

Made from 100% polycarbonate with rubber handle, unbreakable, very good handling and high shock absorption, available in 400, 520, 600- and 660-mm lengths.

CAMLOCK training baton

Developed for realistic deployment training, the CAMLOCK training baton exactly matches the dimensions of the original. Polyurethane with GFK core, available in 21” and 26” sizes and available closed. The CAMLOCK training baton is non-extendable.

Training tonfa

With padding for realistic practice with multipurpose batons.

Straight training baton, padded

Outer material 1000 D Cordura, inner core polycarbonate, 15 mm thick padding, available in 500, 600, 700- and 800-mm lengths.