Road blocks

Pitagone F18

The mobile barrier system against vehicle attacks


Stops a vehicle or truck at a speed of 42 km/h. Final result after each crash test: engine destroyed, no further driving is possible.


  • Unique, mobile solution against ram vehicle
  • Tested with a functional mobile system
  • Ultra-fast assembly, does not require any tools
  • Easy storage and transport, delivered with its rack included
  • Long service life, minimal maintenance
  • Model does not cause panic
  • Energy and lateral shock absorption
  • Adjustable to two widths
  • Easy assembly by one person

Pitagone F18 rack

  • Resistant the toughest usage conditions
  • An operational productivity time-saver
  • More efficient use of space in your warehouse
  • Significant reduction of transport costs
  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Prevents: Theft, breakage, loss
  • Dimensions: 137 cm x 112 cm x 117 cm

Stop Stick deployment set

Three Stop Sticks and one replacement stick, each about one meter long. Including transportation bag, cord reel, 24 m of braided nylon cord with a pulling force of 54 kg. Tear-resistant nylon cover -3 m long, double stitched nylon design.


For immobilization of vehicles – can also be thrown directly in front of a (moving) vehicle, depending on its position. The double-sided rollover caps ensure that the Terminator will come to rest on the correct side. Length: 60 cm.


For stopping moving vehicles – as a road barrier. The base element made of high-strength ABS plastic can be re-fitted with spare elements after use. Including 4 additional spare elements. Length: 100 cm.