Pandemic protection

In the context of pandemic preparedness, personal protective equipment (PPE) makes an efficient contribution to the protection of the wearer in medical and hygienic applications. This includes protective suits, respiratory protection, eye and face protection as well as gloves.

Protective suit

The disposable overall made of microporous PP-PE laminate serves as protection against chemicals and biological hazards without restricting freedom of movement.


  • Protective suit with hood (type 4, 5, 6)
  • Taped seams prevent the penetration of liquid
  • Zipper for easy dressing
  • Self-adhesive zipper cover and cover flap over the zipper up to the chin
  • Face rubber for optimal adjustment of the hood
  • Arm, leg and waist elastic for an optimal fit
  • Knitted cuffs allow comfortable and easy putting on of gloves


Personal protective equipment of category III according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, suitable for medical and hygienic areas.

Protective gloves

Grippaz Nitril disposable gloves are extremely tough and non-slip. Due to their composition they are ideal for use in the medical and hygienic sector.


  • Patented on the inside and outside, for excellent grip in wet, oily and dry environments
  • Can be worn on both sides
  • Made from a nitrile mixture that is very kind to the skin, latex and powder-free
  • Better protection against chemicals than disposable latex gloves
  • Also suitable for contact with food
  • Optimal fit, tight fitting also in the wrist area, cuff does not roll up
  • Tensile strength tested with Level 5
  • Sizes: XS to XXXL


Category III personal protective equipment according to Directive 89/686/EEC.

Respiratory mask

The practical FFP2 respirator without valve encloses mouth and nose.


  • FFP2 meets the requirements of DIN EN 149:2001
  • Protection against liquid and solid dusts, smoke and aerosols that are harmful to health
  • Nose padding inside made of foam for more wearing comfort
  • Outer nose clip for optimal fit
  • Secure fit due to sheathed elastic band
  • Individually hygienically packed in a bag for single use


Personal protective equipment of category III (for complex risks) according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 suitable for laboratory and professional cleaning work.

Face protection

The medical face shield is used to protect the face from infectious and other harmful substances during the treatment of patients in medical areas (hospitals, doctors' surgeries, retirement homes, etc.)


  • Face helmet with white band made of high-quality PET
  • High wearing comfort due to low weight and wide field of vision
  • Shockproof and splash-proof visor
  • Adjustable and flexible headbands to fit all head sizes
  • Sweat absorbing foam tape
  • Sufficient space for glasses and safety goggles
  • Application in hospitals, practices and laboratories as well as in outdoor areas


Personal protective equipment of category II according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, suitable for the medical sector, as well as for other industrial areas.