CAMLOCK telescopic baton

  • 100% function under all realistic conditions
  • Available in four lengths – from 41 to 66 cm
  • More than 95% customer satisfaction
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Less than 1% guarantee claims over the entire term
  • Comprehensive range of holsters and accessories


The baton can be opened with a moderate swing from the wrist as well as by pulling on the tip. It is closed by pushing the sections together after pushing the release button on the back of the handle. The impact energy is absorbed by the rubber-cast handle and slide rings at the transitions between the individual sections.


The slide rings allow the baton to open and close quietly (no metallic grinding noises, no clattering) and prevent a bounce-back effect.


The baton fills the gap between simple physical violence and the use of firearms. Of course, we also offer our users a practice-oriented training program.

Available in 4 lengths – from 41 to 66 cm
  • Aluminum head
  • Grip safety ring in 2 variants
  • Impact energy absorbing slide rings
  • CAMLOCK defense adapter
  • Tactical mirror
  • Impact ring with fixing cap


The innovative extension for the CAMLOCK baton! Extends the CAMLOCK with pepper spray and tactical light.


  • Extends the radius of action considerably
  • Sustainably increases the user’s own security
  • Effective tool for de-escalation in all situations
  • Saves important space on the operation belt by including a number of functions
  • High operating comfort due to one-hand operation
  • Intuitive to use even in stressful situations
  • Tool-free and quick to install


Can be retrofitted for the following Bonowi batons: 21", 24" and 26"

Pepper spray

  • 20 ml pepper spray cartridge with adapter
  • According to the technical guideline of the German police
  • Pinpoint liquid jet with 4 – 5 m range
  • Up to 8 sprays of 0.5 seconds duration
  • One-hand operation using thumb


Tactical light module

  • Max. 600 ANSI lumens LED
  • Dimmable and with stroboscopic effect
  • Programmable
  • One-hand operation using thumb
  • Micro USB cable (not included)

CAMLOCK belt holster H1

The H1 belt holster has been specially developed for the BONOWI baton (also with defense adapter):

  • Can be turned through a full 180° ( in 30° steps with snap-in) and thus portable on either side
  • The baton can be locked in the holster and the baton expands immediately upon drawing
  • The holster base contains an impact ring that can be mounted on the CAMLOCK

EKA Holster


Unconventional and ergonomically shaped side grip for optimal position and power utilization in every use. The extremely robust main body is unobtrusive and elegantly designed. Ideal for wearing on the body.


MES 580 / 540, length: 58 cm / 54 cm, grip height: 11 cm / 12 cm

ES Saxony / Bavaria

The Bavaria model is made from polypropylene, the Saxony model from polycarbonate with integrated absorber. The absorber effect is achieved through a polycarbonate inner tube which is integrated using a special process.

Special Holster 2

Very robust tonfa / MES special holster made from nylon with safety push button. The tonfa is firmly fixed, whereby the body of the holster can be rotated through 360 degrees. Can be used for left and right-handed persons. The holster is suitable for ES batons and all straight tonfas / MES.