Ballistic protection

Bonowi develops and produces ballistic protection vests, ballistic shields and other ballistic equipment. In terms of protection levels, we follow the VPAM and NIJ standards.

Ballistic protection shield

Foldable or rollable for the smallest transport dimensions, it can be carried in a special bag or carried as a backpack. An integrated chamber system stabilizes the shield with the help of a pressure cartridge so that it can function as a protective shield. Behind the inflated shield a very high level of trauma protection is achieved. It can be connected with additional shields and equipped with a variety of ballistic packages.


  • Available in the SK1+ and NIJ IIIA ballistic panels
  • Cut-resistant and impact-reducing
  • Usable as a rescue and stretcher
  • Lever-operated suction cups, metal hooks or magnetic holders allow for mounting on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Option to attach signal lamps, headlamps, radios, medipacks


Each available in green or black in three sizes: AirFrame 18 (180 x 80 cm), AirFrame 15 (150 x 80 cm), Flexshield (60 x 60 cm).

Ballistic protection shield AirFrame 18 (180 x 80 cm)

Standard ballistic vests

These standard ballistic vests are suitable for an extremely wide range of situations. From the tactical outer shell to the pure inner shell, we offer different variants, which are always matched to the ballistic panel and can therefore be supplied at a later time as a supplement.


Available in 24 standard sizes, also available as custom-made clothing.

  • Model BO 10: Standard ballistic vest with front opening and additional pockets, shoulder and side areas are equipped with Velcro-type fasteners
  • Model BO 10: Standard ballistic vest with front opening, back side
  • Model BO 11: Standard ballistic vest with closed front. Velcro-type surface for attaching equipment pockets, shoulder and side areas with Velcro-type fasteners
  • Model BO 11: Standard ballistic vest with closed front, back side
  • Model BO 12: Concealed ballistic vest with elastic insert in the upper back area for high wearing comfort
  • Model BO 12: Concealed ballistic vest, back side
  • Model BO 13: Concealed ballistic vest with closed shoulder and knitted cuff at the neck - perfect for concealed wear
  • Model BO 13: Concealed ballistic vest, back side

I-Nigma protective vests

The basis of this ballistic vest series is a functional shirt, which was developed in cooperation with the company ODLO. The shirt fits tightly to the body and is highly flexible. The combination of the shirt with our soft SK 1+ or “Columbus package” offers unprecedented wearing comfort, even over longer periods of time. Both protective vests are available in black and white.


I-Nigma 1

The shirt is entirely unobtrusive, particularly when worn under a shirt or a t-shirt. Very discreet side adjustment allows for individual abdominal fitting. Only 6 mm thick, only about 1.4 kg in size L.

I-Nigma 2

In special policing situations, the shirt, which is in general worn as SK 1+, can be upgraded with VPAM 6 (950 g) or VPAM 9 (2300 g) ballistic plates. The support system ensures that the slide-in plates sit comfortably. The fit of the plates offers stable attachment to the body even during extreme movements and without creating pressure as a result.


SK 4 ballistic vest

Modular ballistic vest: The protective plates in the front, sides, back and groin protection areas can easily be removed. The vest has MOLLE strapping, to accommodate a variety of pockets and items of equipment, on the front and rear.


The ballistic vest system consists of the following individual components:

  • Vest cover with inserts SK 1+ in front, back, shoulder and upper arm
  • Groin protection SK 1+, removable and flip-up
  • Battle belt SK 1+, removable
  • Neck protection SK 1+, two-part and Velcro-type fastening
  • VPAM 6 or VPAM 9 for front, back, side and groin protection

Plate carrier for VPAM 6 or VPAM 9

One size plate carrier, made of highly durable nylon fabric. The interior is made from breathable mesh finished with additional padding, removable and washable. Pads increase wearing comfort and allow additional air circulation behind the plate carrier.


In the upper back there is a rescue loop which is located, covered, in a pocket. The front, back and side areas are equipped with the MOLLE system.


  • Adjustable Velcro-type fasteners for individual adjustment
  • Pockets for holding side plates
  • Highly durable nylon fabric

Plate carrier MPCQRLC

Modular Plate Carrier, Quick Release, Laser Cut

The plate carrier is made of highly durable nylon fabric. It is light, comfortable and still extremely safe. All carriers of this line are equipped with a Quick Release System, which can also be used for individual size adjustment.


The inner side is equipped with 3D mesh fabric in the shoulder, chest and back areas and ensures excellent wearing comfort through optimal air circulation. The laser cut MOLLE offers a wide range of mounting options for operational tools.


  • Soft ballistic (VPAM3): 26 cm x 31 cm resp. 12 cm x 26 cm
  • Hard ballistics (VPAM9 in conjunction with VPAM3): 26 cm x 31 cm
  • Optional ballistic upgrade in the side area

Plate carrier Slick Line

The Slick Line plate carrier confines to the minimum while offering maximum mobility. Ultralight and yet very robust due to the use of laser cut laminate. Available as universal size with individual adjustment. Can be equipped for hard ballistics (VPAM 9 stand-alone)


Bonowi & ArmorSource

ArmorSource produces – as the largest manufacturer of ballistic helmets in the USA and for many years’ sole supplier to the US Army – helmets of the highest quality. As the exclusive distributor for Germany and Austria, we have delivered large quantities to police and special units in recent years.


  • Highest performance at very low weight
  • Best quality – until today no complaints
  • The high level of wearing comfort ensures that the user is optimally prepared for the job

High-performance helmet for military and special police units

  • Significant increase in performance protection against fragments and weapons
  • Some protection even against long guns
  • Similar weight as current military helmets
Form ACH – advanced combat helmet full cut

Light helmet with ballistic protection

  • Very low weight – with pads and straps only about 850 grams
  • Different equipment and colors available
  • High ballistic protection up to and including NIJ IIIA
The light helmet with ballistic protection is available in different colors and features.

New, innovative ballistic visor system

  • Significantly lighter than conventional systems
  • Rails and shroud are not influenced in their functionality by the rail system
  • Since the visor slides over the helmet when opening, it remains perfectly balanced
Thanks to the ingenious opening mechanism, the helmet remains in perfect balance even with the opened visor.