Experience we can rely on

For over 30 years, Bonowi has been a successful supplier of police and security services all over the world. The core team has been on board since the company was founded and is supplemented every year by new colleagues who, with their ideas and commitment, ensure that we are constantly improving. 


Our customers trust us because we know their needs, wishes and concerns precisely based on our own professional experience as police officers: People and their protection are our focus.

Innovations that protect you

Innovations that make life easier for police officers and help to protect them in difficult situations are Bonowi’s mission. Whether weight, comfort or protective effect: Every day we think about new ways to further optimize our products in the interest of our customers. 


We find innovative solutions to new challenges - for example, ballistic protection of an entire EU camp in Mali or protective vests that can be, just like a T-shirt, worn almost invisibly under a shirt.

International Network

Bonowi is trusted by its customers in over 40 countries around the world and on almost all continents. 


Learning from and about each other is a central value for us. We value different cultures and backgrounds and our team is made up of 15 nationalities. Diversity therefore is not just an empty statement for us, but rather a program - it opens up horizons and brings new perspectives to the company.

Confidence obliges

We are down-to-earth and the proximity to our customers and their trust is our capital. Our products and innovations are not an end in themselves - they must make the life of the police officer better and safer.


Serving them and giving them the respect they deserve every day through our work makes us proud and drives us forward with honest joy.

Practiced values

A management based on partnership, respect and pragmatism is as much a part of our corporate values as the fact that people are at the center of our work.


We are both honored and obligated to protect those who protect others with our products and services and thus make an essential contribution to our society - around the globe. At Bonowi, shared values are not only a hiring criterion, but also motivation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Accept responsibility

Bonowi supports the security of the UN mission in Mali by supplying special night vision equipment together with training how to use it. Our innovative ballistic protection for camps and tent villages also protects against armed attacks by terrorists.


These bulletproof tents save lives and thus defend the values of democracy!

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Bonowi is a participant of the UN Global Compact. We committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

 „Corporate sustainability begins at BONOWI with a long-term oriented management value system and a principle-based approach of the corporate value chain management.“

Wolfgang Bopp, CEO BONOWI IPE GmbH


Download: Communication on Progress Report 2020